Come worship with us!

Our praise and worship team invites you to join us every Sunday at 11am sharp for our weekly worship experience! Each member of our team takes seriously the task of leading the congregation into an attitude of gratitude and praise. We are not here to put on a concert or a show. We are here to play a part in ushering God’s people into His presence through worship. As we lift our voices, the Spirit of the Lord inhabits all our praises. Be a part of this glorious time every week as we encounter our amazing God together!

Sunday Morning Worship Experience at GP

Our Worship Philosophy

We believe strongly that the message of the Gospel does not change, but the methods for relating and presenting that message are constantly changing. So our praise team tries to stay on the cutting edge with new songs to keep things fresh and current. However, we do not throw a ton of new songs at the congregation every week. If people don’t have a chance to get familiar with songs, it’s difficult to enter into real worship. We understand this, and we also mix in a few older songs that people know and love. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to truly worship our wonderful God in spirit and truth. We do this because HE DESERVES IT!

God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

– John 4:24 NASB

Join us this week at GP!
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