Take ONE Drama

The drama program is a former ministry outlet of GP. Though it is not currently active, we do look back fondly on that time. Hundreds saw the Gospel message in different and imaginative ways, and several people came to know Jesus as a result. Enjoy this trip down memory lane…

Where it all began…

“What’s Up with Mike?”

The very first foray into acting for GPCC’s own “Take ONE” drama team was an original play called, “What’s Up With Mike?” This play was co-written by Debbie Protasewich and two others in Chicago, where she and her husband Rob had lived previously. They later moved here and she started our drama team, both directing AND starring in the play the first year it was performed at Grace Pointe.

Synopsis of “What’s Up With Mike?”

Mike Blaine (Stan Massengill) was a businessman who owned a construction company. He wasn’t exactly a Scrooge, but he didn’t really get what all the holiday hubbub was about. That is, until his two most valued employees began witnessing to him. Joey was Mike’s foreman, and his best friend since childhood. Joey’s mom, Doris (Cheryl McGill) was Mike’s secretary/personal assistant, and he respected her a great deal.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the bowels of the underworld, demons were plotting against Mike. They couldn’t allow him to become the latest convert into Christianity. So they were constantly scheming to prevent it from happening. At the same time, Mike’s fiance wasn’t too sure about all that “Jesus stuff” either. Her name was Rose, and her sister Courtney warned her to keep Mike away from Christianity before they got married and ended up on some commune in the desert! This became a great source of friction between Mike and Rose. It seemed that if he were to choose Jesus, then he might lose the woman he loved.

As for how it turns out, WATCH THE PLAY!!! (keep scrolling)

And the drama continued…

After this monumental play was over, Take ONE moved on to do a few short skits and videos. There was the occasional dramatic offering on Sunday mornings during the service to enhance the message of sermons. But the team KNEW they would want to revive their initial success by performing it again the following Christmas. There would be a few changes in the cast, but Stan would again play the lead role of Mike Blaine. His brother, Stace, would take on the character of Mike’s pal Joey.

The Big Sequel

By this second year “What’s Up With Mike?” was done at our church, Debbie had already begun writing a sequel along with Stan and Stace Massengill. While she continued to direct the Christmas play as usual, another actress was selected to take on the role Deb had played before. The trio of writers wanted to complete the second play’s script in time to have the team of actors learn and perform it by the following Easter.

Picking up about a year and three months after the events of the first play, that sequel would be titled, “What Happened To Rose?” Another original play, this was going to follow up with what went on with our favorite characters. How had their lives changed? Was there any chance for Mike and Rose? All this and more would be answered, and some surprises were also in store.

Synopsis of “What Happened To Rose?”

Taking place in the days leading up to Easter, we find Rose has moved on. Becoming successful as a commercial real estate agent, she seemed to be living the dream. But her new boyfriend was up to no good. And those demons that had plagued her life were leading her down a dangerous path where she was about to lose everything.

Mike had really grown as a Christian, with the help of Joey and Doris. The demons of the story were none too happy about that, and they continued plotting against him. Dark forces were at work to destroy the lives of all of them. But the ineptitude of some of those demonic characters made for some great comedy.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Rose and her sister, Courtney, had become strained. Rose had filled her life with one business deal after another, and seemed to have little or no time for her sibling. This was made all the more heartbreaking because Courtney had just recently lost a close friend of hers in a car accident. How could Rose have become so self-absorbed?

With several unexpected twists, this story was heralded by many as being “better than the first one!” But don’t take our word for it. Check out “What Happened To Rose” for yourself…

More video skits…

The Counterman

One of the first videos our drama team did was for a skit called, “The Counterman.” This is all about a small restaurant owner named, Bubba. He has big dreams of one day owning a much larger place, which he believes will be known for its fine dining and amazing service. Comedically, his dreams of the future are blinding him to his present situation. Check it out below:

Fathers & Daughters

Next up, this was a special video Take ONE did for an illustrated sermon one Father’s Day. Two high school teens discuss all the silly and embarrassing things their dads do. But in the end, they realize the love they have for their dads outweighs everything else. Enjoy:

Battle of the Century

Now we have a Take ONE Drama live project for sermon illustration. (based on script written by John Cosper) Taped at Grace Pointe Community Church, this skit focuses on a typical American family at dinner time. Performed in the style of a Fight Night sportscast, complete with announcers calling the action, it’s sure to make you giggle. Take a look:

What Were YOU Looking At?

Here’s another Take ONE Drama live project for sermon illustration. (based on script written by John Cosper) This time, we take a modern day look at the story of the lame man being lowered into a home where Jesus was. How would a 21st century family feel about people tearing through the roof of their home and interrupting their time with the Lord? It seems the husband and wife noticed very different things. From it, we learn that we can miss a miracle right in front of us when we’re looking at the wrong things. Let’s see:

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