Our Identity:

a loving community of believers who are following Jesus together

We do not consider Grace Pointe to be a “place” for you to come to on Sundays, but a “people” whom you can follow Jesus with. Yes, we gather each Sunday morning at our building to worship the Triune God in song, giving, communion and the Word, but our life in Him goes far beyond Sunday morning worship and we endeavor to live all of it together as His People, including how we live within our families, neighborhoods and vocations. It is a life of shared love of the Father, surrender to the Son and empowerment by the Spirit. It is a life lived under the rule and reign of Jesus, our King, and with our brothers and sisters in His Kingdom.

Our Mission:

to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus and helping them learn to follow Him in the power of the Holy Spirit

We have not been rescued by Jesus merely for privilege, but for purpose. The first part of Jesus’ call is to follow Him and to learn from Him. The Biblical term “disciple” simply means “student”. We are to be students of Jesus who are transformed by His presence within us and who learn His way of life, which we are enabled to live by His death and resurrection and the presence of the Holy Spirit living within us. But there is also a second part to His call: we are to go and “make disciples”. That simply means that we introduce other people to Jesus and invite them to follow Him and learn from Him along with us. The empowering work of the Holy Spirit is absolutely vital to the success of this mission. Without the Spirit, we’re finished before we even begin. With the Spirit, we have His power at work within us to go and see His Kingdom advance in this world!

Our Strategy:

Worshiping God

All of life is intended to be an act of worship. We do not just glorify Him with our songs and giving, but every aspect of everyday life.

Teaching Scripture

One of the main ways that we grow and mature as students of Jesus is through the explanation and application of the Word of God. We are committed to doing this through a steady diet of expository preaching, group discussions and personal study.

Training Believers

Though “training” may make you think of sports or the military, it is a word and concept very much at home in our pursuit of Jesus. If we truly want to become who we were created to be, we must do so with thoughtfulness, intentionality and discipline.

Cultivating Community

We were made to live in a loving, interactive relationship with God and each other. That means we must do life together. And that means we must do more than see each other on Sundays! This happens through the cultivation of genuine community among us.

Strengthening Families

In the beginning, God created a man and a woman, whom He joined as husband and wife then told them to multiply and have a family. We strive to help husbands and wives and parents and children have strong, healthy relationships.

Engaging Neighbors

In Jesus we are no longer of the world, but we are still in the world and must strive to rescue those who are still of it. We must engage them with meaningful actions and meaningful conversations about Jesus and the realities of this life and the next.

Equipping Missionaries

Every believer is a missionary. We are all “on mission” to make disciples for Jesus. We want to equip every believer for the task, including those who are reaching their neighbors and those who are traveling to other countries around the world.

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