We’re BACK!

Behind the Scenes

Perhaps you recall some of what was laid out in our Vision Sunday plans back in February. One thing that was mentioned was the need to update and modernize our facilities. Those plans for changing the decor and overall presentation of Grace Pointe have continued to take shape over the last few weeks.

Though none of us could have foreseen the effects that the CoronaVirus would have during the past couple of months, we wanted to assure you that we have not stopped moving forward with that vision. In fact, many of you were undoubtedly blown away by the progress we’ve made. When we finally got to meet once again inside our beautiful building, you were sure to notice some amazing changes to its appearance.

We Appreciate our Workers

There have been a lot of people who have helped with the renovations thus far. Members and regular attendees of the church have contributed their time and hard work to making Grace Pointe reflect a more contemporary and elegant look. So we want to be sure and say a big THANK YOU to all who have helped make the transformation possible. We are thrilled with the progress, and we hope you’re thrilled, as well.

Together Again

Mothers Day was our first service back inside the freshly decorated walls of Grace Pointe Community Church. It has been wonderful to see you all face to face again.

Likewise, all our Life Groups have begun meeting again during the week. Check with your respective group leaders for more information. And praise the Lord for all He’s done!

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