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Special Thanks

We have been VERY blessed to have Pastor Mark Northcutt as our interim pastor during this time of transition. The leadership staff, church members, and attendees of GPCC would like to offer our deepest gratitude for his wisdom, guidance, and service as a spiritual leader. Mark is part of our family and will always be welcome at Grace Pointe!

We also want to express our thanks to everyone who has been contributing to the success of our worship team. Susan Shewbridge and her family have been invaluable! Her husband, Eric, and her musically-gifted children are all incredible assets. Austin (drummer) has been a blessing as well. More recently, Beth Brockmeyer Ruhkamp and her son, Noah, have greatly enhanced the music with their talent. So many to thank – including our amazing saxophonist, John, and occasional singer and bass guitarist, Dionne (Gideon) Oliver. And let us not take for granted the steadfast faithfulness of the team’s veteran members: Adam Martin, Mitch Phillips, and Stace Massengill. This church body is blessed each week by these people who honor God by offering their gifts for His glory.

Women’s Group Takes Off!

Okay, Men of Honor…time to step up your game a bit. No, it’s not a competition, but our women’s ministry has seriously been busy lately! The group’s growing success has been greatly influenced by a small committee in charge of activities and various events. That committee consists of: Gale Lowe, Sheryl Phillips, Laurie Pruett, Denise Langabeer, & Karen Martin.

Currently, they are planning a Christmas caroling event to take place on December 8th – among other things. Any ladies in the church who want to be part of this group or learn more about upcoming activities should contact Karen Martin, lead spokesperson for Women of Grace.

Welcoming Our New Shepherd

Nov. 16th and 17th will be Pastor Aaron’s 1st weekend at GPCC. Help us welcome his whole family during this special time together!

Saturday, Nov. 16th, we will have a “meet & greet” with the Zielinske family at the church. Join us at 2pm as we get to know our new pastor, his wife, and their children. Dessert and sodas will be served.

Then on Sunday, Nov. 17th, Pastor Aaron will be preaching the Word. After the service, we’ll have our monthly Fellowship Meal together. This will be yet another opportunity for us to welcome, get to know, and just generally love on the Zielinske family. Be here!

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