Transition Team Progress

From the time that former pastor Mike Kofahl announced his intention to resign and retire to be with his family, the leadership of Grace Pointe Community Church knew there was a huge task ahead – finding the right person to assume the role of senior pastor. It is a task that has not been taken lightly. Almost immediately, our Transition Team was formed by the Board of Elders and included trusted members of the church. Their work was cut out for them, and they have approached it with the utmost professionalism.

Early on in the process, the team began meeting regularly and carefully considered the procedures to follow. They discussed the qualities and characteristics a potential pastor should possess (see photo below), and began the search.

Periodically, elder Rob Protasewich (pictured above) has presented the church body with progress reports. The fact that, to many people, this process appears to be taking a long time is actually a testament to how seriously the Transition Team is taking it. Being methodical about locating the right new pastor for our fellowship is crucially important. It’s not a matter to be rushed.

Please continue to pray for all those who are charged with this monumental effort. When you pray, ask God to guide our Transition Team directly to the person whom He has chosen. May God’s will be done, and blessings on you all!

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